Mais Alghanim


I want to apply on Mais Alghanim how to do that?

We always welcome applicants abroad to join our team just send your CV to below email address: and our HR recruitment team will contact you soon.

I have a complaint or suggestion regarding (Food quality, staff attitude or order delay) or I would like to talk to the in charge manager?

Dear Customer, you can send any complaint or suggestion to the following e-mail: and competent employee will communicate with you.

I want to make a reservation in your restaurant, or I want to make a wedding, graduation or B.B.Q party. How to contact you?

You can make a reservation by calling: 22251155 followed by the extension number as follow:

- (No# 100) for Dine in reservations or send email to:
- (No# 120) for Outside Catering or send email to :
- (No# 605)for ToGo & Delivery or send email to :

Where does the name “Mais Alghanim” come from?

The original name of the Restaurant was actually “Mess Alghanim”, the word “Mess” meaning “Mess Hall” or “Canteen”. In 1953, our founding father, Edmond Barakat (Abu Emile), opened and managed a canteen for the employees of Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim & Sons Co., it was called “Mess Alghanim”. The name remained unchanged until 1987, when the restaurant was officially registered at the Ministry of Commerce under its New name “Mais Alghanim”.

What businesses/concepts does Mais Alghanim operate?

Mais Alghanim operates four businesses/concepts:
- Mais Alghanim Restaurant (Dine-In Restaurants)
- Mais Alghanim To Go (Take Away & Delivery)
- Mais Alghanim Catering (Full Service Offsite Catering)
- Alghanim Cafeteria (The Original Concept – Available to Alghanim employees only)

Where are the different Mais Alghanim branches located?

The two dine-in Mais Alghanim Restaurants are located in Sharq and Mahboula. The three Mais Alghanim To Go outlets are located in Sharq, Salmiyah, and Fintas. Finally, the Catering sales office is located at our Flagship Restaurant in Sharq.

What are Mais Alghanim Restaurants’ operating hours?

Mais Alghanim Restaurant (Sharq & Mahboula) opens from 12pm to 11pm on weekdays and until 11:30pm on weekends. Please note that Mais Alghanim Restaurant – Sharq closes every Sunday for its weekly day off, while the Mahboula location opens 7 days a week.

What are Mais Alghanim To Go’s operating hours?

All of the To Go outlets operate 7 days a week. The operating times are as follows:
- To Go – Sharq: 12pm to 11pm on weekdays / to 11:30pm on weekends
- To Go – Salmiyah: 12pm to 11pm on weekdays / to 11:30pm on weekends
- To Go – Fintas: 12pm to 11:30pm on weekdays / to 12am on weekends

Last order for Delivery Orders is 45 minutes prior to closing time, while last order for Pickup Orders is 20 minutes prior to closing time.

How early should I discuss my catering function with the Catering sales team to ensure the availability of their services?

Catering orders should be placed a minimum of 48 hours prior to your event to ensure that all your requests are professionally handled.

What is the Mais Alghanim Restaurant reservation policy?

The Restaurant accepts reservations for lunch and dinner Monday through Wednesday and Thursday lunch. Please be advised that for weekends (Thursday Dinner through Saturday Lunch) and Public Holidays, the restaurant seats customers on a First Come First Serve Basis. The restaurant cannot accept reservations by email. To make your reservation, kindly contact the reservations department on Tel. 22 25 11 55.

What kind of Meat does Mais Alghanim in their Kabab and Arayes recipes?

Mais Alghanim uses only the highest quality Locally Slaughtered meats for all their Kabab and Arayes recipes.

What kind of Chicken does Mais Alghanim in their recipes?

Mais Alghanim uses Locally Slaughtered chicken as well as chicken imported for Saudi Arabia.

Does Mais Alghanim Restaurant accept Credit Cards?

Mais Alghanim Restaurant accepts all major Credit Cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners. Knet and Maestro Debit Cards are also accepted.

Does Mais Alghanim Restaurant offer Gift Vouchers?

Mais Alghanim Restaurant offers Gift Vouchers that will suit your every occasion. No matter if it’s for a family member or a business associate, our vouchers are guaranteed to be the perfect gift. Gift Vouchers are available in denominations of KD 5 and KD 10 and are available for purchase at our restaurant location in Sharq. For further inquiries please contact us on Tel. 22 25 11 55.

Where can I find information on available job opportunities at Mais Alghanim Restaurant?

We offer employees exciting work in an energetic, friendly environment. Discover your potential and enjoy our benefits by filling out the Online C.V. or browse our available positions in our new Careers Section of our website.